Comfort Dependency: Your Brain on Shame

Dear Reader, I will not apologize for my recent, several-months-long bout of radio silence. I will candidly describe myself as an irresponsible blogger with commitment issues. Currently, I’m cheating on blogging with college. And like I said, I am totally unapologetic. Call me a cad, but I just don’t have the energy or time to […]

Bird’s Bones Bystanders

Bird’s Bones Bystanders Dear Reader,      The last time I stood out was a surprise. It surprised me. It surprised everyone in my vicinity.      I was in a big lecture class on Interpersonal Violence Prevention. It was and is one of the most influential classes I have ever taken. People aren’t simple. That bit […]

Everything is More Romantic When You’re Single

Dear Reader, We live on a pretty spectacular planet. Even with all our efforts to squish, restrict, burn, and refine it, nature is persistently awesome. And not “awesome doooood” awesome. Awesome as in striking-humans-dumb-with-the-majesty-of-it-all awesome. I have been blessed to live in some beautifully wild places during my life. More specifically, I am accustomed to […]

Encounters With a Picky Hobo

Dear Reader,          I know that “Hobo” is not a politically correct term. I assure you that I am very precise about my word choice. After visiting an insightful Wikipedia page on the etymology of this word, I discovered very little is known about its origins or denotation. The best definition for “Hobo” is […]

Teaching Swim Lessons For Dummies

Dear Reader,      Have you done the Daily-Post-Weekly-Writing-Challenge yet? No sooner had I posted my first letter to you, when I learned of this magical, word-press-sponsored, creativity-boosting smorgasbord (what a delicious word) of writing topics. If you haven’t jumped on this crazy hay ride of giggles yet, I strongly suggest you check it out.      […]