Everything is More Romantic When You’re Single


Heck, even this chicken burger is more significant when your single. It MUST be a sign!

Dear Reader,

We live on a pretty spectacular planet. Even with all our efforts to squish, restrict, burn, and refine it, nature is persistently awesome. And not “awesome doooood” awesome. Awesome as in striking-humans-dumb-with-the-majesty-of-it-all awesome.

I have been blessed to live in some beautifully wild places during my life. More specifically, I am accustomed to temperate rainforests and chilly coasts with pine trees growing right up to the sand. I love the mountains and the rain, and all the greenness around me, and when I am in the thick of the forest, wandering around pretending to be a lost fairy or a warrior princess hiding from her evil uncle who is attempting to steal the throne that is rightfully hers after the tragic and mysterious deaths of her beloved parents [sucks in breath], life gets pretty damn romantic.

Or I can be driving in my car, singing along with John Mayer, staring longingly at the countryside passing by, thinking, “someday, I will have my own John Mayer, and he will sit in the seat beside me all of my days, singing with and for me”!

Even standing in a public place, I sometimes think about how eventually, I won’t have to be anonymous even in a crowd of strangers. There will be a person there with me who knows who I am more than anyone else, and even that knowing will not stop them from loving me.

Imagination is one strong aphrodisiac.

I am a single lady right now, and I will proudly put my hands up to prove it to Beyoncé. However, as I was mooning over Future Boy recently, it dawned on me that I live an incredibly romantic life without even being in the realm of a relationship. Future Boy has no limitations. He is superhuman. He never disappoints me. The more I thought about it, the more I understood that nothing, not even the most stable, loving, balanced, perfect relationship will ever be as romantic as the idealistic one I am having now with my own hopes and dreams.

Being single can be amazing. Being single can also make you feel convicted to eat Nutella straight from the jar while crying over Gerard Butler’s death in “P.S. I Love You”. He was just so young. But the point is that singleness is not a curse when you realize that all those hopes and dreams you have for Future Boy or Future Girl are hopes and dreams that you can work on right now.

Despite being a woman in her 20’s, I still find myself pretending to be a warrior princess in the woods because I am a playful person! I feel the desire to share natural beauty with someone because the ecstasy of experiencing it hits my soul like a ton of bricks. Standing alone in a crowd of people wanting to be seen is so cliche that I don’t even know where to start with that one! Future Boy is gonna be incredible. I have complete faith in that. But I am Present Girl, and I am going to express all my love and joy and silliness all over the place for me, and for those that I love now. Romance will not die on the lips of the single. Beauty, passion, and free-spirited frolicking remain at the core of romantics no matter their relationship status.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Everything is More Romantic When You’re Single

  1. Interesting post, I never really thought about it but after reading this, yes i agree everything is more romantic when you are single.

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