Who I Am is Much Less Interesting Than Who You Are

Dear Reader,

     I mean what I say in that title. Truly, whomever I am addressing, you are more interesting than I. I wish I knew you for no other reason than that you fascinate me. I hope you feel fascinating!

“What a strange thing to write and throw out into the internet,” you might think.

     You are right. It is one thing for me to write vaguely and anonymously to a whole internet of potential readers that I find you interesting. Give me a chance to explain. I find you interesting (much more than myself) because I don’t know, understand, empathize, or even think about you day to day. We haven’t met, and yet I passionately believe that you have something to offer me. I can say with security that I have something to learn from YOU. It doesn’t matter how pleasant, smelly, sociable, angry, inquisitive, or ignorant you are. You are a new soul waiting just outside my reach with so much potential for change.

     Now that I have made my explanation, I need your help. You don’t have to give me a summary of your looks, occupation, life story, and future plans. I only want 2 simple things.

1) An interesting fact about you


2) One piece of wisdom you have gained through life experiences. It can be as specific or as broad or as metaphorical as you want.

I will use myself as the example.

1) Though I do not excel at any other video or computer game, I am a more than usually skilled Tetris player. One might say that when it comes to Tetris, I am a “baller”.

2) I have 2 front-runners for this, and I never have a problem with more than one piece of shared wisdom, so feel free to post 2 as well.

Firstly, the truly ignorant are those who do not want to search for truth. Secondly, never try to substitute dish SOAP with dish DETERGENT when running the dishwasher.

That is all.


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